What’s in my backpack?

Packing is one of the hardest things to do.  From what I remember before I started travelling, I swear to Earth I’m really into clothes like I always want to wear something nice to feel good about myself. Syempre sa picture din when I am taking selfies, I used to have a 60L backpack!

Nilamon na ako ng bag ko lol!


Pag nakikita ako ng ibang travellers they were saying na dala ko na daw buong bahay namen knowing na I’m only away for 3days hahaha. So after that it made me realize na I have to stop this. Habang tumatagal, I learned to be simple and practical. Like I realized why do I have to bring so much clothes with me if pwede ko naman labhan or buy cheaper clothes while I’m on the road.

The Essentials

Don’t ever forget your Passport
Just do multiple copies of your passport/Document or take a photo from your phone and send it to your own email.

Travel insurance
Must have! So whatever happens to you, like if nabalian ka ng paa or etc. let your travel insurance handle your hospital bill.

Debit/Credit cards
If you have more than two cards, I will suggest na wag mo ipag-sama sa isang wallet. Like what happened to me in Malta, I just arrived sa airport nawala agad wallet ko but good thing pinag spread ko ung mga card ko, so ung isang card nasa wallet ko and the rest nasa bagpack ko, so less headache.

Wag ka masyado mag dala ng cash, at least just have maximum 50euro if nasa europe ka or 500php with you sa wallet and the rest sa atm card mo na. Para na wawatch mo ung gastos mo and at the same time if mawala man pera mo at least di buong kayamanan mo nawala haha.

*Bring your student card with you
Masusurprise ka sa sobrang dami mong discount na makukuha habang nag tatravel.

I have this notebook, at the end of the day I always write down all my expenses at least my idea ako san napunta pera ko and if ever sumobra man ako ng gastos at least next day alam ko kelangan ko mag slowdown. I know you guys might tell me, “Oh well, pwede ko naman ilagay sa note ng phone ko or may Online banking naman ako, so makikita ko naman sa bank statement yung expenses ko”. Trust me babe iba parin ang power ng old school at handwriting hahaha.

My Bucket list. 



Whatever you want to bring with you, but choose wisely, What I learned about my travels lately is sana noon palang natuto na ako na just pack good for three days even though you’ll be away for 3months or more. I know that is so impossible but pwede ka namang bumili ng damit on your way at least may souvenir ka or you can just buy this portable washing machine.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 17.11.51.pngScreen Shot 2016-05-28 at 17.15.42.pngScreen Shot 2016-05-28 at 17.05.25.png

This one is so helpful, I’m so thankful sa nag invent nito srsly. Nakatipid ka na sa laundry expenses and napaka handy pa saka may lagyanan ka pa ng marumi mong damit. And it doesn’t matter kung pa ulit-ulit ung damit mo as long as they clean, Sabe nga nila kung paulit ulit man ung damit mo make sure pa palit palit ka nalang ng place hahaha.

Try to buy work out shirt, I have 4 of them i have black, white, grey and navy blue since madali lang iterno ung mga colour na to and I’m comfortable with these shirts since napaka light weight, an antimicrobial that prevents bacterial and fungal growth, breathable, moisture-wicking and quick-drying. They are pricey pero pang long term naman sila saka worth it kahit pawisan ka na sa araw di ka masyado mamaho if you stink it means need mo ng iligo yan lol.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.45.27.pngScreen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.48.19.png

I don’t really recommend jeans since they are so heavy sa bag, taking big space din, and ang hirap nyang labhan since they take forever to hang dry, I do recommend leggings/tights made from compression fabrics fit like a second skin on your legs, giving you extra support and increasing circulation to the legs. Increased circulation is especially important for long walks/running, very light and quick drying madali lang sya labhan.

After a long walk with tights on.


Pack one night clothes, wag naman ung tipong literal na pajamas ah hahah lalo na kung sa hostel ka mag i-stay lol, kahit white shirt and black short lang para light weight, (Guys naka focus talaga ako sa weight since backpack ang dala ko and more on lakad tayo ayoko kasi dumating sa point na mag regret at di na ako makatayo sa sobrang bigat hahaha).

Packing cubes.
Are they really worth it? Hell yeah. By using them to compress your clothing, shoes, electronics and anything else you want to store. Very organized and ideal for hotel/hostel when shelf space is limited, they last longer and better than using plastic bag and you can use them as travel pillow 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 13.59.54.png

Rolling, rolling, rolling. Rolling is a great space-saving and wrinkle-reducing choice for things and T-shirts.

Since babae ako I tend to pack 10x underwear, 3x Socks, 1x bikini, 2x Shorts, 2x casual shirts to look presentable or if my night out ka. 1x hoodie when it gets cold, portable raincoat, slippers especially for hostel shared bathrooms (I’m using Teva sandals) you can use it as slippers and especially good for long walk saka if nasa beach ka ok sya habang nag swiswimming ka anti get stung by stingray etc.

I have one trainers (Ecco trainers they are really good for your feet) and one toms shoes.


Microfiber towel is a must have. Compact, lightweight and super absorbent. It provides more than enough towel for your needs and quick drying kesa magdala ka nung normal towel na napakakapal halos tinake na ung space ng bag mo saka tagal pa matuyo. Just buy the biggest one.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 14.13.50.pngScreen Shot 2016-05-27 at 14.14.13.png

Sleeping bag liner, for the occasional dirty bed.
Minsan kasi my maeencounter ka na hostel/hotel na di ka sure kung regularly ba nila pinapalitan ung bed. yung iba kasi 10yrs na yung bed di parin pinapalitan or inaarawan ba! Safe side lang naman. Sobrang liit lang nyan sing laki ng coke in can.


Tie it around your waist for a beach skirt, as a travel blanket pag malamig sa plane, scarf and etc.

Earplugs and eyemask, especially if sa hostel ka mag stay.

Meron kasing ibang guest na maingay gumalaw or maingay ung bunk beds, so these things will help you have a peaceful night.


Travel wallet
Must have this guys 4yrs na sya sakin, kahit naka gym short/tights ka lang or wala kang pocket i clip mo lang sya sa waistband mo hinde sya halata and anti pick pocket pa.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 14.35.40.png

Don’t forger your Padlock especially ung my keycode so you don’t have to worry about the key and when you staying like sa hostel kasi bibigyan ka nila ng locker. No point having a locker if wala ka namang lock.


Tea bags / 3in1 coffee if you are really into it ( taste like home ba ang peg ).

Neck pillow
Spend a few more bucks for Memory foam po. Mas comfortable po sya  lalo na sa long journey kasi it was designed to mould to the shape of your neck and head.


Leatherman/Swiss army knife para sa mga boys sa girls narin if trip mo ate lol.

First aid kit,
Always have paracetamol with you. You don’t wanna waste your whole day stuck inside your room because of Hangover lol. Don’t forget to bring anti-histamine tablets as well! You’ll never know where you’re allergic to out there.


Don’t forget your deo bwahhaha. Get a toiletries bag with hook, para you don’t end up leaving your stuff on the toilet floor tsaka take it easy lang sa mga liquids like shampoo. For sure naman ung pupuntahan mo gumagamit din sila ng shampoo so bili ka nalang dun hahaha.


Travel Bag

Since I used to have 60L backpack and it was too big and since malaki sya you tend to put more stuff pag alam mong my space pa ung bag mo so I decided to change my backpack for smaller version and I chose Osprey Farpoint 40L, why?  You can open your bag like a suitcase, saka since alam mo na limited lang yung space nya mapipigilan mo sarili mo bumili ng kung anu anu sa daan or mag pack ng wala naman ka kwenta kwenta. So at the same time nacontrol mo self mo sa pag gastos and you don’t have to pay for luggage fee since counted sya as hand luggage and you don’t have to queue worrying na baka mawalan ka ng luggage space sa loob ng plane kasi pwede mo sya ilagay sa underneath ng chair mo. I don’t use luggage with wheels haha since ang hassle nya kelangan buhatin mo pag my hagdanan saka pampabagal lang.

Ospey Farpoint 40L Review link below:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxdR88ZwSXY masyado ko na yata ina advertise tong bag na to haha pero worth it talaga lol.

Actual size of this 40L Bag (Vienna, Austria) 


Foldable daypack

I highly recommend this Vango Folding 15L Daypack. Dame ko na natry na foldable pero eto ung the best so far. This bag is really helpful when you’re out and about during the day.


Gadgets (Don’t bring too much gadgets)

I only have my Macbook, Iphone and Gopro hero4 with me while I’m travelling.

Choose the lightest weight na laptop. It’s good to invest your money sa Macbook pro. The best laptop so far, good for editing videos/photos. Pricey pero pang long term naman but if di afford get a Netbook they are handy. Actually depende sa lifestyle mo if need mo ba ng laptop habang nag tatravel or not.

Gopro hero4
Super handy especially if you are alone, just mount it on a Selfie stick. So you don’t have to ask someone to take picture of you.


Iphone has good camera quality. I will say No to DSLR, ang bigat kasi unless hilig mo talaga diba.

 Here’s all the photos taken from my iphone.1.png

Noise cancelling headphones
Before pag nakakita ako ng mga tao na  halos lamunin na ung ulo nila nung headphone sa laki, napapaisip ako na parang ang oa na, pero it really helps pala talaga lalo na kung long journey ka or nasa plane ka na puro iyakan ng mga bata. You’ll be thankful to this.

Bose headphone, Last long. 


Portable battery pack, World wide adaptor with 2usb port.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 18.07.26.pngWorld_Travel_Adapter_Travel_Adapters_Plug_Adapter.jpg

Rape alarm (for women & men).


It seems sobrang dame nung nabanggit kong mga  gamit pero lahat sila kasya sa 40L na backpack hehe.

Happy safe travel guys.

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