One of the most challenging things to do is to SAVE MONEY for your travels. You need to get inspired para ganahan ka mag ipon and you always need to be reminded of how badly you want to go! What are you saving for? #Travelgoals hahaha lol. But remember no matter how tough you find on saving money, travelling is totally worth it! I do a lot of research, I read a lot of travel blogs to inspire me, I watch travel videos on youtube, follow travel groups on facebook/Instagram.

I started writing down all my targets and bucket list. That was me 3 years ago…Just dreaming, working, getting wasted every weekend. In other words, just living with typical lifestyle, like same shit everyday. Then, one day I just woke up and fed up na so I told myself I need to step forward and do something about my travel dreams and now I can’t believe I’ll be finishing my travel in Europe with 21 countries! I have my own travel blog, I’m sharing my own experience, and uploading my own travel video. It was all about priorities and passion.

But like what I said on my last blog, Travelling is not a competition, It doesn’t matter where you go whether it is local or outside the country, as long you enjoy and appreciate the beauty of it!

My inspiration (My Bucket List)

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 16.44.37.png

Get a Notebook with Dates / Planner

At the end of the day, always write down how much did you spend for today, so you can monitor where your money goes, example if you spend more than your allowance for today at least next day mag slow down ka na sa gastos.

Thanks to @binibiningclara for encouraging me to write down all my expenses/goals and etc.

My Notebook

Try to calculate your monthly expenses and salary. If your expenses are way more than your salary, this is the time where you have to think and change your lifestyle.

Firstly, you need to set yourself a target of exactly how much money you are going to need it. How I do it is I just type “How much does it cost to travel in (Insert name of the place)” on google  and I just set a target date to reach that amount which will help me stay focused and motivated.


I use my goals as my password sa mga social media accounts so  I won’t forget my goal and I will always be remind! For example, my password will be like “BackpackingAsia2017”.

Eating outside

Before I always order takeaway food or eat outside and it costs me a lot so I told to myself if I really want to save and travel, I need to put my shit together. Nag start na ako mag grocery every week like buy cheaper foods and learn how to cook and pack some baon narin like sandwich or snack sa bag on my way work. Please stick with water or ask for tap water – water is good for you, instead of you buying soda that cost you 2 euros.

Refill the water bottle after lol. 


Minimise your Drinking, Clubbing ?

Before I pursue my travels, every Fridays and Saturdays, I am always out drinking with friends and no joke most of my money goes to alcohol and entrance fee of clubs and commute narin (especially after clubbing sari-sarili na kayo order ng taxi and another cost nanaman yun). It will help you a lot when it comes to ipon, if  you cut down going out and getting drunk sa bar.

Yung isang shot ng tequila it costs around £5 (305pesos) imagine ung price na yan if  i-save mo now and someday umiinom kana ng Margarita sa haparan ng beach ng Santorini (ohh diba? hahaha). I don’t want to be hypocrite and tell you guys na you have to stop drinking which is so impossible lalo na sakin. So what I do when my friends are inviting me outside for a drink, I’ll just ask them na bumili nalang ng alcohol sa shop and sa bahay na lang uminom and movie marathon (instead of going out to the cinema) so mas makakatipid ako.


Best advice is just QUIT and it can save your life. Pag na compute mo monthly cost ng yosi mo malaki din ah.  But this is me nahirapan ako mag stop so I came to an Idea na I’ll just gonna smoke when I’m on holiday. So I believe kahit papaano na miminimise ko na ung smoke ko lol. But again just quit nalang lol.

Smoking in Portugal

Keep your distance to those people who don’t save up, coz watching your friends going out every night, those people who keep on buying expensive gadgets, clothes and new shoes will destroy all your hard work for saving and motivation to save. Say ‘no’ to going out if is going to cost too much.

Be tight and  only buy necessities, your friends or partner may not be too happy with you for a bit, but being thrifty can help save you a lot of money. You should only buy items you need, not luxury items and treats.

Don’t offer to buy people things.

Walk rather than drive.

Funny thing about me, I always avoid shopping malls. Before I start travelling, I’m all about fashion clothes and expensive gadgets. I always want a new and up to date mobile phone, most of my salary goes there. Ang hirap kasi once na natempt kana and you know may money ka bibilin mo agad sasabihin mo nalang sa sarili mo next month nalang ako mag save ulit, or bawi nalang ako next month sa kaka ganyan ko before wala ako na ipon so before you buy things like for example lang naman, iphone isipin mo nalang ung cost nyan pwede mo na ibackpack ang Eastern Europe. So try to avoid shopping. Don’t buy something just because everybody else has them.

Leave your bank cards at home.

For example when you’re out, or nasa mall ka just bring 1000php so you don’t go over your limit or ma tempt na mag withdraw pag na ubos na ung cash mo. So if cash lang dala mo and naubos na, shut up ka nalang and go home. hahaha

Coffee lover

Every morning before I go to work , lage ako nag stop over sa coffee shop para mag take away ng coffee, which costs me £3 (180pesos) kaya stop buying expensive coffee! Get a tumbler and make your own coffee before you leave the house. If you do your work/coursework sa coffee shop, just choose starbucks and  get Starbucks tumbler and ipatong mo lang sa table mo and they cant ask you to leave kahit magdamag ka jan, ikaw na ang kusang aalis dahil sumakit na pwet mo hahaha.

Working on my Travel video with my SB tumbler on the side.



I used to rent on my own before and it was a difficult decision for me to live with my parents again since nasanay na ako mag isa. But living with your parents is by far the best way to save money, I’ve just recently moved back to my father house only for short period, First because I have to save money for my backpacking in Asia this coming December and you probably won’t have to do any chores and may get meals cooked for you, sometimes even for free. Parents tend to spoil their children when they come back home.

Cable TV.

Cut your cable tv, you’ll be surprised on how fast your savings add up without cable tv, Netflix is cheaper than cable. Books are cheaper than movies.  Saka sobrang daming free and cheap ways to get your entertainment.

Gym membership

I love gym so so so much! but I have to give up my membership, to pursue my travel goals, so just run nalang sa subdivision nyo or nearest park or play sports like you know badminton, tennis, basket ball, cylcing and etc.  just swallow your pride for the name of travel bwahahah.


Always keep your travel goals in mind! You’re going to travel! maybe it takes time but That’s the best goal a person can have and let people back home get jealous of you when you start uploading your travel photos hahaha! Happy safe travel.





I would like to apologize to those people who were asking me about How much I spent on my Europe travel? How to get a visa to travel Europe? Have you got itinerary for Europe? Sorry If wala ako sagot na matino kasi mga past travel ko di ko na record ung mga information. Di ko rin naman akalain na may mag iinterest pala sa last blog na gawa ko. I wish from beginning palang nag take na ako ng note. I’ve always wanted to make a blog about my travels in Europe but i find it hard to make one since too many to mention but hopefully makagawa ako soon. Anyways thanks for all appreciation. Nakaka motivate lalo mag travel hehehe. 

Happy safe travel guys.

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