1. Ride a Hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey.
The most popular spot in the world to go up in a Hot Air balloon.

2. Smoke pot and wander around the Redlight Β District or boat the canals of Amsterdam, Netherland.

3. Soak in the largest thermal bath in Europe at Budapest, Hungary. Where you can play chess in the pool and they also do spa party! They call it SPArty time!!!

4. Ride a Mountain Coaster in Switzerland. The highest alphine coaster in the world where you need to take a cable car up in the mountain with 9,747 feet.

5. Visit the Leaning tower of Pisa in Italy. Where you see a bunch of people doing the Thriller pose hahaha!

6. Ride a donkey up in the Mountain of Santorini, Greece.

7. Watch The Magic Fountain show in Barcelona, Spain. Biggest fountain I’ve ever seen in my life!

8. Hike in Norway. One of the most scenic and spectacular viewing point in the world.

9. Bath in the Blue lagoon at Iceland. The blue lagoon is located in a lava field with black volcanic rocks around. The warm water is rich in minerals like silica and sulfur which is reputed to help people suffering from skin disease. They offer free unlimited mud mask.

10. Touch and dive between two Continental plates (Right side is North America and Left side is Europe) in Iceland. Cool isn’t it?

11. Octoberfest. The World’s largest festival beer held in Munich, Germany. Have fun and get drunk with the Germans.

12. Ride a helicopter in England. They usually offer promos. So, book it early to save some bucks.

13. See the Eiffel tower at night. Grab a beer and lay down in the park to make the most of it.

14. TomorrowLand in Belgium. The world’s largest electronic music festival. Where people from all over the world come together and dance like aliens.

15. Ride a camel in Marrakesh, Morocco.

16. Hop on the old fashioned yellow tram in Lisbon, Portugal.

17. Hear the toll of Bigben in London.

18. Skydive in Ireland.

19. Witness a bird’s eye view of Galata Tower in Istanbul, Turkey.

20. Try the the most famous dish in Spain, The Paella.

21. Bungee jump in London.

22. Time travel in the Acropolis at Athens, Greece. Don’t forget to wear sturdy shoes for climbing up.

23. Kayak in Switzerland.

24. Take a carriage ride through Krakow’s old town.

25. See the Northern Lights in Iceland.