Tips to travel Philippines in a Cheapest way.

  1. Invest on water bottle. Most Airport in Philippines provides drinking water after baggage check. Before leaving your accommodation, go and refill your water bottle. Why pay for mineral water if tap water is just fine?

    One reason why i love Cebu, everywhere has this water thing that allows you to refill your bottle starting from just 1peso.
  2. Always Haggle when it comes to Transportation, Stuff, Accommodation. Ask for discounts!! Try to look for cheaper one. Be real, always let them know you’re on budget there is nothing to be ashamed for and they will end up helping you in any possible way.

    Thanks to Kuya Erick from Oslob. When he found out that we’re just on a budget, he gave us a discount for habal habal and he even offered his place for us to stay for a night. 🙂
  3. Travel with bus non air-condition, more cheaper, faster, relaxing and you have the chance to feel the fresh air of Probinsya/Scenery! Put your earphones on and Play your favourite song! Best feeling!IMG_2426.JPG
  4. Walk walk walk! Try to walk as much as you can! It’s good for your health. Just think of it this way. Nababawasan ung mga taba mo and oily foods na kinain mo for today hahaha.                       IMG_0757.JPG
  5. Eat in Karenderia/Eatery. Way better than fastfood! I always budget my each meal for maximum 120php. For example, since I’m vegetarian and it’s healthier and cheaper when you go to Karenderia it just costs me 20pesos for vegetables and 10pesos for Rice. So only 30pesos in total for lunch and I still have 90pesos left so I can treat myself for desert! I highly recommend banana cue or turon for afternoon snack to full you up! Say No to junkfood!!!16178533_1294315623945028_8464355360609175175_o.jpg
  6. If you love island hopping like us, better bring your own food and drinks with you or do your grocery shopping first because it’s cheaper.IMG_6956 3.PNG
  7. WAKE UP EARLY for free breakfast in hostel/accommodation.
  8. Bring your own tent. It will save you tons of money. What I normally do, before it gets dark always find a safe place/beach that allows you to build your own tent.Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 21.31.47.png
  9. If you are going on a long journey, its better to travel at night. It will save you one night accommodation.
  10. Follow the Airlines page on Social media like Facebook, twitter and etc! E.g Cebupacific, Airasia, Philippines airlines etc. They normally post their upcoming promos! When buying a plane ticket, tick no for everything. For example, they will ask you to choose for plane seat, foods and travel insurance just choose nothing. You’ll be fine. If it’s your time, It’s your time charr.Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 22.23.54.png
  11. For Alcohol drinkers, I just came up with this idea. I must drink maximum 2 bottles of beer a day. So for example, on Monday, I drank two, Tuesday I didn’t drink any, Wednesday I can drink for four beers because I haven’t had any yesterday and so on and If you travelling for long, I’ll advice you to stick with beers since beer are way cheaper than alcohol! lolIMG_6445.jpg
  12. If you are travelling alone, try to join in a group especially when u have to ride a boat or van so you can split the price. Just ask them nicely if you can tag along. The more the merrier.

    Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 22.57.45.png
    We just met these two awesome guys in Kalanggaman Island and we all end up travelling together. Thanks for the good memories @cleidoscope & @iamalroycailo
  13. Try Hitchhiking, is a way to minimize travel costs but you have to be patience waiting for a ride. If you can’t get a ride on the road, try petrol station.15676425_1268193239890600_873284083490291941_o.jpg
  14. Sign up for Volunteering ( Working while you’re travelling, You just have to work for maximum 5hrs a day and the rest of the day is yours! So you still have time to get around the place. You can work at hostels, farms, teach english etc. The exchange of hard work are free accommodation and sometimes with food. It will give you a chance to meet a lot of new beautiful people and get to know more about the place.

    The cleanest and cheapest hostel that I’ve ever been Treffpunkt 5300 hostel in Puerto princesa only 350per night with free breakfast. Thanks a lot to Kakai, Jec & Mel for hosting us.
  15. Be friendly with everyone, when you’re nice there is a chance they might give you some discounts /freebies.15972733_1279577708752153_6400317427029866052_o.jpg

Don’t buy nonsense stuff! If you still wanted the item after three days then you could come back for it! Just always remember you live without that stuff before and you’re still fine. Eat healthy!!Drink  plenty of water. Be patient! Happy safe travel!

Now it’s time for you to share your travel tips.

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