Travel guide: Taipei, Taiwan for only 7,379PHP. (Airfare Included).

  • Airline: Cebupacific 1999php
  • Duration: 2hr, 25mns.
  • Accommodation:Check (Tips: Don’t book too early, What I normally do nag bobook ako ng room same day or Day before I arrive. Why? Bagsakan ang price ng rooms sa kesa ma vacant ung room nila for today, Ipo – promo nalang nila.Hey Bear Capsule hotel. PHP 399/night (Promo from Agoda app).
Outside Capsule
HeyBear Capsule Hotel

Transportation: Mostly nilakad ko lang from hostel using Google map. You can use train/Bus to get around the city.                                                                                                      Bar: Babe bar just around Taipei 101



  • Transportation from Airport to Hostel: 900NT x 2 = 1800RT                                     1800NT x 1.66PHP = 2988PHP
  • Accommodation 399/night x 3 = PHP 1,197
  • Foods (I don’t eat a lot). Inexpensive restaurant: 120NT x 6 = 720NT                           720NT x 1.66PHP =  1195PHP
  • Beer: 45NT x 1.66PHP = 75PHP
  • Overall total: 7,379PHP with Airfare for 3days.

Currency (March 2017): New Taiwan Dollar = 1  Philippine peso =  1.66                              Visa: Sorry I’m not familiar with Visa processing.


Comment: I’m lazy traveller. I don’t plan my trips, I don’t make Itineraries, What I normally do is, just visit 2 most popular landmark each country and I’m all good and just chill the rest of my stay. Happy safe travel guys ❤


10mins walk from Heybear capsule hotel.10.jpg




WATCH: Short clip of Taipei, Taiwan (15secs):

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