Travel guide: Tokyo, Japan. 1,608PHP per day with Accommodation, Food and Transportation.

Tourist Spot: Ueno Park, Senso – ji, Meiji Jingu, Shin juku Garden & Shibuya.

Transportation: Check out or to see the prices for plane ticket. Sorry I can’t give you the exact price from PH to Japan since nag backpacking ako from Taiwan to Japan.

Accommodation: Check (Tips: Don’t book too early, What I normally do nag bobook ako ng room same day or Day before I arrive. Why? Bagsakan ang price ng rooms sa kesa ma vacant ung room nila for today, Ipo – promo nalang nila. I highly recommend Guest House Wasabi. 797PHP/Night.

Guest house wasabi.

Cleanliness: 9/10                                                                                                              Location: Perfect, Tipong nilakad ko lang ung Tourist spot Like Ueno Park, Senso-ji Temple.

Food: C’mon not because you’re on holiday it doesn’t mean you have to eat everytime in some Fancy Restaurant. Stop acting like One day millionaire hahaha, That’s why you go broke right after your holiday. You don’t wanna be someone na nag babayad parin ng utang nila from last holiday nila last year. Do your groceries, Eat street food! Minsan mas ok pa ung street food kasi nakikita mo niluluto nila in front of you. Mag luto ka sa hostel mo, Like Boiled egg, Oat meal, Cup Noodles, Sandwich etc.



Inexpensive restaurant: PHP 270.50. (600yen).



  • Accommodation: PHP 797/Night. (1,768yen).
  • Food: Inexpensive restaurant PHP 270.50. (600yen)                                                     Snack: PHP225.36 (500yen).
  • Train: It depends where you going, I used once from my hostel to Shibuya, I think it was around 350yen. 350yen x 2 = 700yen RT. (PHP315.00)
  • Overall total: Roughly around PHP1,608 (3,568yen).

Pwede pang mas mapamura bess, Depende sa lifestyle mo 🙂

Enjoy Japan.

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Visa: Sorry I’m not familiar with Visa processing and I don’t know how much ung Visa for PH passport.

Comment: I’m a lazy traveller. I don’t plan my trips, I don’t make Itineraries, What I normally do is just visit 2 most popular landmark each country and I’m all good and just chill the rest of my stay.

WATCH: Short clip of Tokyo, Japan(28secs).